Dwarf for painting competition

It is time for another painting competition in my local hobby store. Last month I was a judge and this month I can take part again. Exactly perfect timing because this month’s challenge is to pick a simple clan warrior dwarf and turn him into a perfectly painted miniature. Well, we’ll see ^^

This is what I got from the store:1656087_631925323509480_180546914_n

At first I searched in my bit box (which is big for dwarfs because they are the only army I ever started collecting) which parts I like and would love to see on him. I wanted to do something with the beard and give him a beer instead of an axe. I wanted to paint a drunk dwarf in a tavern.


Sadly there are only left hands with beer in them so I needed to take a hand from a standard and convert a little bit more. After finishing the conversion he looked like this (not polished and perfect yet on the picture):



Well, after a month of work in which I had to write some exams and tests here he is, just very quick pictures, good ones to follow and I will post the result of the competition then too, which is on saturday evening.






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