About me

Well, about me… what to tell?


I was born in 1990 in Berlin, where I still live.

I started miniature painting in winter 2011/12, but not very serious, actually I started an army for Warhammer: dwarfs. They are adorable. I painted some units in that winter, then did other stuff in summer and painted in winter again. The dwarf army grew.

In summer 2013 I decided to go serious, I wanted to learn to paint really good. I watched some DVDs and bought minis just for painting. I am really not much of a tabletopplayer…. I always forget the rules ^^

In autumn 2013 I participated in some painting competitions at my local Games Workshop store. The third time I won (yeehaaa!). I think there is a big development in my minis and I wanted to catch this with this blog. I wanted to start now with my blog even though I am not really good yet but I would love to have it from the very beginning… ^^

My biggest project so far is the owl mage. I bought him in october and due to all the competitions I couldn’t finish him yet.

With this blog I am looking for advise, friends among mini painters and of course it is a big motivation for pushing further. I also have some articles in mind I want to write.

What I do when I am not painting? I study chemistry, I love art and dancing. I do pole dance, fitness, crotcheting, painting, sculpting, crafting, juggling, hula hoop, playing board games and pen and paper roleplays… and so on. I am really engaged in different things!


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