Mareike DVD

This was the first ever miniature painting DVD I bought. I bought it for Download on CMON for 49.99€ and so I had it instantly available, which I liked really much.


  • overall really good video quality
  • 33GB size
  • 13hours + extras like picture slideshow, introduction, making of, etc…


  • General information about paints, tools etc.
  • well explained colour theory and colour usage
  • blending (half wet in wet half glazing technique)
  • skin tones dark and light (human and frog 😉 )
  • freehands
  • sheer effects and lace
  • painting animals (eyes, fur, skin etc.)
  • NMM (colours, sword and armour, gold and steel)
  • hair, OSL, wheathering (light, not heavy)
  • basing
  • repairing dings and cracked paint


Mareike and Jim from Dark Sword miniatures are very open and nice on this DVD. She is not alone during the painting , he asks her many things and she explains. I really learned a lot. As I said, my first DVD and really good as a first one for progressing to a more advanced level of painting. The overall quality of video and sound is good. It could be more interesting with multiple camera views maybe. The price is normal for a DVD of this length I think.

The techniques used are very well explained with all the thoughts and reasons behind the progress. That really helps a lot. Mareike got me hooked with her gentle and nice personality and her well taught lessons on this DVD. Before some chapters she explains her pallette and the decision making in her colours as well.

Only things missing here are preparing a miniature and basing. She does explain some things about bases but doesn’t show anything in detail. The DVD is meant to be a painting DVD and it is absolutely fine to focus on some topics more than on others.

Overall a very good DVD! I enjoyed it a lot and it is a big help. It is meant for people who just dig deeper into advanced painting techniques I think. Nothing for total beginners because many basic techniques are not further explained. But if you are painting for a while, don’t have the opportunity for taking a workshop and want to learn something, it is definately worth it!

Cost effectiveness:    5stars

Quality:                       4stars

Content:                      4stars

Fun:                             5stars

Education:                 5stars

Overall Rating:         4stars


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