Review Section

I added a brand new review section to the articles site and the first review is about:

Painting DVD with Mareike Reimer

Have fun reading it, Overall I enjoyed this DVD 🙂


My miniature projects will go on now that I finished my exams for this semester and will have a small break again next week when I have a one week intensive class in university about electrical chemistry 🙂

Since then visit my CMON gallery and vote for my pictures or read my blog and facebook page!



Yeeeeees it arrived! After gettig the right adapter for my airbrush which was not easy (^^) I played with it some time and tried it on Phoenicia!

Yeah it arrived I was soooo happy!



I tried it on Phoenicia, had trouble with the skintone because i overdid it and lost my base colour, too bad have to do it again but the skirt turned out really good. The bottom part is finished, I addes brushwork and it looks really good now, no dead airbrush-only work but with life. And it was done so fast oO!
Now I really have to study but I will show you this skirt!



Happy painting and happy day for me and i hope for you too!

Happy painting time and Newsflash

I am really excited I just ordered my airbrush+compressor! I always wanted one since I was painting a lot when I was 13-14y old… I am really looking forward to learning how it works and how to use it ^^

I am also getting some views on my blog and some likes on my facebook thank you for that! PLUS my first comission work. More about that soon it’s gonna be a mighty dragon for a good friend.

At the moment I am working on the horse again, bringing structure to it and it looks quite good so far.