Painting competition

Yeah I won the competition. I am happy how many cool entries I saw there. Fantastic ideas and cool people as always. From my prize coupon I bought Eldar harlequins which I always wanted to paint. I am really looking forward to it. Pictures of the winning dwarf are coming soon!


New pictures of old projects

I simply love how minis look so differently on another picture. I always struggled with pictures so far and now I bought a tripod for my camera. I knew that I needed one just hadn’t got the time and money to buy one ^^ So now I have got one and the pictures are way better. The paintjobs look much better now also.

Dark elf sorceress

Owl mage neu

Pinning a mini with tiny hands….

I wanted to make a circus szene. Because I am a juggler and dancer and because I love the acrobat mini from Hasslefree. She is sculpted as a harem dancer, topless. But I want to give her a lovely space to do her art – with a top 😉
Her hands are pointed to the sides. This makes no sense at all, if she doesn’t stand on something. I thought of a ball or similar stuff. Now I have got it: a horse!
For fixing her to the horse I have to pin her. But her hands are so tiny I cannot drill there.
What I did: I removed the metal piece to put her on a base but left a bit of metal underneath each of her hands. Then cleaned the “pins” with a knife and sandpaper.


Now I can pin her to a horse. I was not happy with the horse but I have a new one now:


These are the two options for the horse I want to use:
Thanks to Flo for the first horse! And thanks to Games Workhop for the second ones 🙂


I also made her a top and a bigger panty 🙂 my first sculpt and I am quiet satisfied with it.