Phoenicia WIP

Progress is slow because of my studies but it grows 🙂

I built the base because I was really stuck and din’t know where it was going. I imagined her as a farseer with crystal balls of different sizes lying around in an urban/industrial/steampunk scene. This is how it looks right now. There will be some grass on it later, as well. There are only base colours on the base so far.

I love to paint her skin. Because of a lucky accident with the airbrush I sprayes purple onto her skin and I loved it. So I’m going for an enhanced contrast in the shadows with glazes of purple.

Comments and hints/help/criticism always welcome!






Black and white horse with structured blendings

Yeah it actually looks better than I thought. I wanted to do this as an experiment because I was unsure how to paint a really cool horse… So I thought why not add some structure to the skin/fur? I tried it on the black parts and was not satisfied but before I gave up I did it on the white as well. Not it suddenly all comes together. The structure contrast between the even skin and the horse is pretty cool. What do you think? Does it look cool?




The last picture shows just the black part still unfinished.

Pinning a mini with tiny hands….

I wanted to make a circus szene. Because I am a juggler and dancer and because I love the acrobat mini from Hasslefree. She is sculpted as a harem dancer, topless. But I want to give her a lovely space to do her art – with a top 😉
Her hands are pointed to the sides. This makes no sense at all, if she doesn’t stand on something. I thought of a ball or similar stuff. Now I have got it: a horse!
For fixing her to the horse I have to pin her. But her hands are so tiny I cannot drill there.
What I did: I removed the metal piece to put her on a base but left a bit of metal underneath each of her hands. Then cleaned the “pins” with a knife and sandpaper.


Now I can pin her to a horse. I was not happy with the horse but I have a new one now:


These are the two options for the horse I want to use:
Thanks to Flo for the first horse! And thanks to Games Workhop for the second ones 🙂


I also made her a top and a bigger panty 🙂 my first sculpt and I am quiet satisfied with it.


WIP Owl Mage


I got the leather parts paintef. Staff and gold parts are still missing though. And a lot of base work to do.
I love this little guy he is the first one I tried blending on.