Painting competition

Yeah I won the competition. I am happy how many cool entries I saw there. Fantastic ideas and cool people as always. From my prize coupon I bought Eldar harlequins which I always wanted to paint. I am really looking forward to it. Pictures of the winning dwarf are coming soon!


New pictures of old projects

I simply love how minis look so differently on another picture. I always struggled with pictures so far and now I bought a tripod for my camera. I knew that I needed one just hadn’t got the time and money to buy one ^^ So now I have got one and the pictures are way better. The paintjobs look much better now also.

Dark elf sorceress

Owl mage neu

Dwarf for painting competition

It is time for another painting competition in my local hobby store. Last month I was a judge and this month I can take part again. Exactly perfect timing because this month’s challenge is to pick a simple clan warrior dwarf and turn him into a perfectly painted miniature. Well, we’ll see ^^

This is what I got from the store:1656087_631925323509480_180546914_n

At first I searched in my bit box (which is big for dwarfs because they are the only army I ever started collecting) which parts I like and would love to see on him. I wanted to do something with the beard and give him a beer instead of an axe. I wanted to paint a drunk dwarf in a tavern.


Sadly there are only left hands with beer in them so I needed to take a hand from a standard and convert a little bit more. After finishing the conversion he looked like this (not polished and perfect yet on the picture):



Well, after a month of work in which I had to write some exams and tests here he is, just very quick pictures, good ones to follow and I will post the result of the competition then too, which is on saturday evening.





Owl Mage

Owl mage

I finally made it. My first ever single painted miniature. I learned blending, NMM, OSL and many more things on this little guy. I worked for 3 months between my other projects ans now he is finally finished. I was so afraid of the gold….

I am still having trouble with my camera, we both seem to want different things. One day I will make good photos of my minis… I hope!

Greetings Lena

Pinning a mini with tiny hands….

I wanted to make a circus szene. Because I am a juggler and dancer and because I love the acrobat mini from Hasslefree. She is sculpted as a harem dancer, topless. But I want to give her a lovely space to do her art – with a top 😉
Her hands are pointed to the sides. This makes no sense at all, if she doesn’t stand on something. I thought of a ball or similar stuff. Now I have got it: a horse!
For fixing her to the horse I have to pin her. But her hands are so tiny I cannot drill there.
What I did: I removed the metal piece to put her on a base but left a bit of metal underneath each of her hands. Then cleaned the “pins” with a knife and sandpaper.


Now I can pin her to a horse. I was not happy with the horse but I have a new one now:


These are the two options for the horse I want to use:
Thanks to Flo for the first horse! And thanks to Games Workhop for the second ones 🙂


I also made her a top and a bigger panty 🙂 my first sculpt and I am quiet satisfied with it.


WIP Owl Mage


I got the leather parts paintef. Staff and gold parts are still missing though. And a lot of base work to do.
I love this little guy he is the first one I tried blending on.




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